What's the company's experience in online-researches?
he company "Doctor at work" spends several dozens of successful online research among doctors in a year for the last four years. Customers are leading international and Russian research Agency.
How do you generate a database of responders – potential participants of online-researches?
We use our own database of specialists. Only registered doctors and pharmacists who have passed verification in accordance with our standards (How we verify doctors) and having an active access to the closed society can take part in online-researches. Members of social network groups are not allowed to take part in online-researches.
If you use several sources for recruiting participants of online-researches, how do you cope with the duplication issue?
Doctor at Work utilizes its own consolidated database to conduct online-researches. Each participant may take part in the research only once.
Is used to recruit doctors base the special tool for online research or has additional capacity?
The database is the world's largest social network for Russian-speaking doctors. Doctors can communicate within it and take part in educational and informational campaigns.
Is it possible to conduct online-researches for a narrow-targeted group of responders?
The database contains more than 30% of Russian-speaking doctors in each discipline, which allows finding the necessary specialists according to the customer's complex requirements.
Do you use third-party resources to collect the required number of responses for an online-research?
We use our own database if possible.
What steps do you take to achieve the representativeness of the target audience selection?
The Doctor at Work database contains more than 30% of all Russian-speaking doctors and it doubles every year.
Do you use a questionnaire router?
Not applicable.
What is the basis for distributing offers to responders?
Responders are selected with respect to customer's desires.
Who is responsible for technical issues?
Questionnaires are prepared and conducted by an experienced team of highly qualified developers together with specialists in the area of marketing researches, which ensures the project is processed as soon as practically possible.
How are responders verified?
When undergoing a registration procedure on the web-site, a doctor is verified in accordance with our requirements as described above.
How participants are invited for taking part in the research?
Each potential participant of an online-research gets an e-mail with invitation and links to the poll. If necessary, additional recruiting methods are used, such as SMS, call-centers, information blocks posted on the web-site.
How doctors are stimulated to take part in researches?
We have developed a remuneration system. Participants are allocated with remuneration points that can be withdrawn according to the rules.
What information about the project do you need to accurately assess your own capabilities?
For preliminary evaluation of the project's feasibility and calculation of the number of responds, we need to know the research duration and the screener.
How is the feedback with users organized to clarify the level of their satisfaction with the project?
Doctor at Work conducts regular user polls to improve the quality of interacting with the users of resources.
How is the feedback with users to ascertain their degree of satisfaction with the projects?
The company "Doctor at work" conducts regular user surveys to improve user resources.
How do you inform the customer of non-disclosure of confidential information of responders after the project is completed?
These requirements are contemplated by the Agreement entered into with the customer.
Who processes final data of online-researches?
As a rule, it is the customer who makes final review and collects statistics. We provide consultations and technical support when collecting the required number of responds, and we control the correspondence of logics and efficiency of responds to exclude potential completes if necessary.
How often can the same doctor take part in online-researches?
How often can the same doctor take part in online-researches?

Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, the doctor is entitled to take part in each research if it fits the key parameters.
Do you keep the individual details of responders concerning them taking part in researches?
All data of successful and non-successful participants are saved and if the customer requires, we can work with a specific group of participants.
What are the methods of protection against fraud?
To learn about the verification process for users registering on the web-site, please see the following link (How we verify doctors)
Describe the Opt-In process for market online-research opportunities.
During registration, all users agree to get e-mails.
Provide a link to your Confidentiality Policy.
All responders have read and understood the Rules and the License Agreement.
Describe the measures taken to ensure security and safety of data.
All data are stored encrypted on servers.
Wheat standards do you comply with during online-researches?
At Doctor at Work, we comply with ESOMAR stadnards.
Are you certified by any quality system?
Not applicable.
Doy you conduct researches with children and underages?
The users of Doctor at Work and Smartpharma web-sites are specialists with a university degree, which means that children and underages do not take part in researches.